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I belong to the 38th generation of Chinese medical practitioners in the Ni family, with a legacy dating back 1300 years. My life’s work has been centered around preserving and sharing my family’s expertise in the healing arts with the modern world. The adaptogenic herbal formulations that I create for Actual Being™ are based on traditional, centuries-old ingredients and formulas which both modern integrative medical research and experienced Chinese practitioners have found to be effective.

I’m excited to work with the Bruce Lee Family to help people achieve balanced harmony in their daily practice — whether it be work, athletic, creative, or in their relationships. Actual Being offers a natural and easy way to access the proven benefits of traditional Chinese medicine so people can be healthy from within and live their best lives.


Actual Being™ springs from my father’s personal practice of self-actualization. Bruce Lee worked on himself everyday — physically, mentally and energetically. He researched and utilized many wellness products available during his day including a regimen of Chinese medicine preparations that were part of his culture. He was very keen on keeping his body, mind and energetic systems highly attuned and functioning at a high level without using harsh stimulants or short cuts to wellness that would have adverse effects or lead to imbalances in energy.

I am also personally a believer and user of natural medicines to support overall health and wellness in my own family. I helped to create Actual Being because I believe in these products as part of a sustainable path to holistic, long term wellness and am excited to share them with you.


We utilize advanced extraction techniques to process raw herbs into clean and potent liquids with high efficacy and concentration. We conduct extensive quality assurance tests on our soil, water, seed and nutrients to ensure that our products are free from heavy metals, contaminants and pesticides — consistently providing us with the highest quality and purity.


Our herbs are raised on multi-generational family farms that practice sustainable growing and harvesting. The farms are far from industrialized cities — some sitting 9,000 feet above sea level — providing our herbs with an ideal climate in which to naturally thrive. Our herbs are wild grown and harvested at their ideal age, thus maximizing their adaptogenic properties.


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