Why Bruce Lee Used Adaptogens

Why Bruce Lee Used Adaptogens


Bruce Lee is commonly referred to as the “Godfather of MMA,” and for good reason!

His hybrid, formless style of Jeet Kune Do was groundbreaking when it was founded on July 9, 1967 and it remains incredibly influential in contemporary full-contact sports.

Rather than pigeon-hole himself in one philosophy, Bruce was a proponent of taking the most effective guiding ideas of each style and incorporating it into his own fighting. 

He felt as though adhering to strict guidelines of a single set of fixed fighting patterns was not conducive to self-expression, nor were they totally effective. Those that practice the art of Jeet Kune Do's believe in minimal effort with maximum effect and extreme speed.

Bruce believed that in order to truly express yourself, one must have no limitations. 

And that’s how he lived his life! 

Free, fearless, astute, and wise beyond his years!


His obsession with reaching self-actualization drove him to look beyond just training in the dojo.

He was one of the first athletes to truly integrate strength, conditioning, and nutrition to improve his craft in ways beyond just practice!

Rather than just focusing on Jeet Kune Do, Bruce used boxing and running to increase his endurance. He would run four to five miles each morning and then would lift weights three times a week to keep his muscles strong and lean!

Bruce’s intense regimen often left him aching, sore, and exhausted. 

Soon enough, he realized the importance of nutrition. He learned that he must fuel his body properly to endure the physical toll of chronic exercise and to sustain his training to achieve optimal results!

Bruce was a pioneer in a nutritional sense as well! While he was one of the first athletes to employ the use of protein shakes like his contemporaries, he also made use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other eastern medicinal practices.

We know that Bruce had a love and respect for nature, as he incorporated the natural world into his philosophies (be water, my friend!), and this extended to the supplements and other medicinal practices in his life.

Most importantly, Bruce Lee subscribed to the healing powers of nature and the use of Adaptogenic Herbs to keep his physical condition and mental fortitude in peak condition


Adaptogenic herbs (or adaptogens) are a wide ranging class of non-toxic plants that can help the body resist stressors of all kinds. 

These herbs and roots have been used for centuries as home remedies in Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions.

In short, adaptogens help your body handle internal and external stress!

In fact, research shows adaptogens have the potential to combat fatigue, enhance mental performance and even ease depression and anxiety!

As adaptogens continue to gain traction in western markets, it is important to learn which herb is best for your specific needs! 

There are many adaptogens out there with unique effects on human health and wellness, and that it is hard to gather all of the herbs you need in one place.

That is why companies such as Actual BeingTM formulate proprietary blends of adaptogenic herbs and superfoods so that we can all achieve the laser-like focus, drive, and muscle recovery of Bruce Lee! 

Read below to learn more about adaptogens that are commonly used to improve human wellness!

Suggestion: It is important to note that many adaptogenic herbs have a build-up effect in the body. While subtle differences may be noticeable immediately after first use, it may be upwards of 2-4 weeks of continued use before you feel the most optimal results!


The two main ingredients in FOCUS are cordyceps mushrooms and astragalus root.

There is scientific evidence that cordyceps mushrooms can stimulate generation of mitochondrial adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is a compound that provides energy to drive processes in living cells, such as muscle contractions. 

Cordyceps mushrooms will deliver maximum energy to the muscles by improving the way the body uses oxygen.

Astragalus root contains a multitude of astragalosides (antioxidants) that support the health of the respiratory tract. It is also known to boost energy and contains anti-aging properties. 

Astragalus root helps fight against environmental or endogenous stressors and supports overall immune function.

These ingredients will work together to maximize oxygen usage in the body, which leads to an increased energy level and optimal energy expenditure! Gain the laser FOCUS you need to defeat today’s challenges for an easier tomorrow.


Combining multiple adaptogens creates a symbiotic effect that will give your body the boost it needs to conquer your day.

Our tasty, highly concentrated, proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs and superfoods is inspired by Bruce Lee’s daily regimen to bring you morning energy and focus, all day long. 

We worked with world-renowned expert Dr. Mao Shing Ni to formulate this powerful plant-based, adaptogenic supplement for those looking for a better you.

These sustainably harvested ingredients work cumulatively so the longer you take it, the more you build long-term health from within.

There’s a reason that Bruce Lee touted these ancient herbs, and you’ll understand too once you get that initial jolt of energy and awareness from FOCUS. 

Drop the caffeine and start harnessing the ancient healing power of nature to keep your mind and body in peak condition.

FOCUS your mind, FOCUS your body.


As you can see, there is a reason that the proprietary blend of herbs in FOCUS by Actual BeingTM have included these specific adaptogens!

Each ingredient will work synergistically to maximize oxygen usage in the body, leading to an increased energy level and optimal energy expenditure! 

FOCUS is inspired by Bruce Lee’s daily regimen of herbs and superfoods to bring you that morning energy and focus you crave coffee for, but without the crash associated with caffeine!
Bruce famously said “the successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”

The secret is out! So they put that laser-like focus into a bottle for everybody to benefit from!

These sustainably harvested ingredients work cumulatively so the longer you take it, the more you build long-term health from within.

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